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Tuesday 23 September

Tarbert Community Centre

2.00pm Kiss The Water / Cailleach

5.00pm How I Became An Elephant / Reindeer

7.30pm Chasing Ice / North Of The Sun (Nordfor Sola)


KISS THE WATER (PG)...................................View Trailer

Directed by: Eric Steel | 80 mins | English | Documentary | 2013

Megan Boyd’s entire world–her life, livelihood, longing and love– was wrapped up in her mysterious fishing flies– bits of exotic feather, fur and fancy tinsel spun around a tiny metal hook. In every strand, in every fibre there was a story, a fairy tale, a truth–waiting to be unravelled.


CAILLEACH..................................................View Trailer 

Dir: Rosie Reed Hillman | 13min | Documentary | 2014

Morag is 86. She lives alone at the end of a track looking out to sea on her croft on the Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, with her three cats and twelve sheep. Morag was born in this house and has lived here her whole life, following five generations of the family who came before her. Cailleach is a portrait of Morag and her simple and peaceful life as she contemplates her next chapter, shares her unique sense of independence and the connection she has to her wild island home.



Dir: Tim Gorski & Synthain Sharp| 82 mins | USA| 2012 

At the age of 14, Juliette is on a mission to save elephants. After single-handedly raising funds, she embarks on a life-altering journey to Southeast Asia to meet and work with her hero, Lek Chailert, known as “The Elephant Lady,” who has risked her life and freedom for more than three decades to protect elephants from illegal trade and abuse. This is the story of two women, one from the East, one from the West, coming together on common ground to save elephants. It's also the coming-of-age story of a passionate young woman joining forces with a wise and experienced animal advocate on an enlightening journey of compassion, action and hope. The message: no matter what your age, your ethnicity, or disposition, no matter what the cause, you can make a difference, The film is one girl’s story that led to a movement that became a comprehensive plan…to save a species.


REINDEER   (6+ HIFF)...........View Trailer   

Dir: Eve Weber   4mins

Journeying 400 kilometers abover the polar circle to Karigasniemi village in Utsjoki, Finland, filmmaker Eva Weber captures the reindeer herding that has been the livelihood of the arctic’s indigenous Sámi people for countless generations.


CHASING ICE........................................View Trailer

Dir: Jeff Orlowski | 76 mins | USA  Documentary | 2013

Acclaimed photographer James Balog was once a sceptic about climate change. But through his Extreme Ice Survey, he discovers undeniable evidence of our changing planet. In Chasing Ice, Balog deploys revolutionary time-lapse cameras to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers. His hauntingly beautiful videos compress years into seconds, and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate.


Travelling with a team of young adventurers across the brutal Arctic, Balog risks his career and his well-being in pursuit of the biggest story facing humanity. As the debate polarises America, and the intensity of natural disasters ramps up globally, Chasing Ice depicts a heroic photojournalist on a mission to deliver fragile hope to our carbon-powered planet.


NORTH OF THE SUN.  (8+ HIFF).............View Trailer

Dir: Inge Wegge, Jørn Ranum| 46 mins Norwegian | 2012

Inge Wegge (25) and Jorn Ranum (22) spent nine months of cold, Norwegian winter in the isolated and uninhabited bay of a remote, arctic island by the coast of Northern-Norway, facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean. There they built a cabin out of driftwood and other cast-off materials that washed up on shore, and ate expired food the stores would otherwise have thrown away. But the boys brought with them two items of utmost importance: Their surfboards - perhaps their biggest motivation for the arctic adventure. Because the remote bay holds a well-kept secret; some of the world's finest surfing waves.

Tuesday 23 September 2014 in TARBERT

Wednesday 24 September 2014 in LEVERBURGH

Wednesday  24 September

Leverburgh Village Hall

2.00pm More Than Honey/ Portrait Of An Urban Beekeeper

5.00pm Cinderella Moon / The Secret Of Trees

7.30pm GMO OMG / Lessons From A Forest Kindergarten


MORE THAN HONEY.............View Trailer 

Dir: Marku Imhoof| 2013 | 95mins

Beautifully filmed and directed by Oscar nominated Markus Imhoof (The Boat is Full, Les petites Illusions), winner of numerous Best Documentary Awards across international film festivals and stunning cinematography by Jörg Jeshel and Attila Boa, More Than Honey brings sharply into focus our current bee crisis where numerous colonies of bees have been decimated throughout the world with 50% to 90% of bees having disappeared over the past 15 years. With one in three mouthfuls of the food we eat and 80% of plant species dependent on pollination, the honey bee is as indispensable to the economy as it is to man’s survival.


The decline of bees could have an enormous impact on the environment, which is dependent on the insects for pollination. If there is no pollinating - insect life, fruits, vegetables, and field crops would be obsolete, leaving the future of much of the world's food supply in question. Are parasites, new viruses or travelling stress to blame? The film embarks on a world journey to discover the answers. More Than Honey is the provocative yet touching tale of what may happen if our bees become extinct.



Dir: Steve Ellington | USA | 2014|  20 mins

This story follows Steve Repasky, a beekeeper in Pittsburgh, during his beekeeping efforts throughout the year. Urban beekeeping is not only about honey production. Educating the public, managing feral bee colonies and capturing swarms around the city keep Steve very busy, in addition to dealing with the calamity of Colony Collapse Disorder.


CINDERELLA MOON..................View Trailer

Dir: Richard Bowen| (8+ HIFF) | 96 minutes | China | Feature| 2010

Washington, D.C. Premiere Based on the Chinese legend of Ye Xian that predates Perrault’s Cinderella by about 800 years, the film focuses on little Mei Mei who is a gifted potter, like her mother, her father’s younger second wife. When Mei Mei’s mother dies in childbirth and her spiritually ailing father soon follows, she finds herself the servant of her cruel stepmother and idiot stepsister. However, she takes comfort from her mother’s legacy: a pair of bejeweled goldfish slippers and the promise of a special destiny. Mei Mei hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps, finding a love match by dancing in the village festival. The film, shot on location in the south-west Yunnan Province and capturing some breathtaking vistas, follows Mei Mei’s struggle to find her place in world that essentially treats girls like chattel.


GMO OMG.......................................................View Trailer 

Dir: Jeremy Seifert | 90 minutes | USA | English | Documentary | 2013

Today in the United States, by the simple acts of feeding ourselves, we are unwittingly participating in the largest experiment ever conducted on human beings. Each of us unknowingly consumes genetically engineered food on a daily basis. The risks and effects to our health and the environment are largely unknown. Yet more and more studies are being conducted around the world, which only provide even more reason for concern. We are the oblivious guinea pigs for wide-scale experimentation of modern biotechnology. GMO OMG tells the story of a fathers discovery of GMOs in relationship to his 3 young children and the world around him. We still have time to heal the planet, feed the world, and live sustainably. But we have to start now!



Dir: Lisa Molomot| Switzerland/USA | 36 min| 2014....View Trailer

No classroom for these kindergarteners. In Switzerland's Langnau am Albis, a suburb of Zurich, children 4 to 7 years of age, go to kindergarten in the woods every day, no matter what the weatherman says. This eye-opening film looks into the important question of what it is that children need at that age. There is laughter, beauty and amazement in the process of finding out.

Tickets and Information:  Adult: £6.00;  Concession £5.00;  Children (under 16) £4.00

(For children's screenings only : Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult, the adult attends free)

Daily ticket : £12.00   (rural venues only)

Lewis and Harris Festival Ticket:£50.00 (entrance to all HIFF films including screenings at An Lanntair)

Tickets are available at the door at each venue. However, if you are travelling some distance to attend a screening please book your

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